1) I feel that the carriage cost we charge is reasonable. I do not inflate the cost of carriage to make the cost of the item look cheap !! The cost for the carriage includes my handling -- the time to pick the item and packing material and all the other things associated with getting the order ready for shipping to you.

2) I will send you item at by 1st Class Recorded Delivery, insurance is not included unless specifically stated. If your final price is 28 or less then you do not need to take out the optional insurance, since your item will be covered by the Royal Mail standard insurance up to 28 in the event of lose or damage. If your final price is over 28, then you may wish to take out the optional insurance this is normally only an additional 2. This will cover you for up to 250 in the event your item is lost or damaged. I do not insist in you taking the insurance, it is up to you. However if you have not then I will only pay up to a maximum of 28 or replace the item if the sale price is less then 28.

2) I aim to dispatch the order the same day I receive your cleared payment. Except for weekends when I relax and recharge ready for Monday !

3) Once the item has been dispatched I will send you an email notifying you of the tracking number and the method that was used to send your order out by, i.e. Royal Mail, City Link etc.

If Things Go Wrong

Sometimes things do go wrong thankfully not often - we are all human !

4) If the item has been lost in transit by Royal mail, then we need to wait 15 days before Royal Mail will accept the package as being lost and a claim can be put through. We both need to be patient. As soon as 15days are up I will be able to send you a replacement if the item was sent by recorded delivery, subject to point (2) above. If your item was sent by registered delivery, Royal Mail will send us both a form to complete. I would suggest you send me the completed form and not back to Royal Mail, since as soon as I receive your form I can send your replacement out to you and forward the claim form onto Royal Mail. If you send the form directly back to Royal Mail I need to wait for confirmation that they have received the form back, before I can send you the replacement. So far out of 533 items that I have sent they have only lost 2, not bad.

5) If the item is damaged or incorrect, you need to report this to me within 7days and return the item back to me by Royal Mail, I will reimburse you for your postage cost.





Thank you and we hope you will be successful in your bidding !